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Knife Sharpener Manufacturer in China

Established in 2006, TAIDEA TECH (Zhongshan) Company Ltd. is a China based manufacturer and supplier of knife sharpener. Our outstanding products are well designed for a broad range of applications including kitchen, restaurant, outdoor, sports, garden, farming, and workshop as well as woodworking. We provide a wide range of sharpening products, including our diamond sharpener, ceramic sharpener, whetstone sharpener, carbide sharpener, and other fine sharpening machines.

  • Kitchen Knife Sharpener T1005DC
  • Kitchen Knife Sharpener T1005DC The kitchen knife sharpener T1005DC has a two-step sharpening coarse wheel and fine sharpening design.
    The sharpener also uses ...
  • Kitchen Knife Sharpener T1008D
  • Kitchen Knife Sharpener T1008D Integrating the classical mold and with a streamline design, the kitchen knife sharpener has a perfect appearance.
    With a replaceable sharpening ...
  • Kitchen Knife Sharpener T1007DC
  • Kitchen Knife Sharpener T1007DC As a classic model sharpener and having stainless steel handle adornment, the fashionable home style of the sharpener is highlighted.
  • Diamond Sharpening Steel T0825D
  • Diamond Sharpening Steel T0825D With the oval-shaped sharpening rod design, it can sharpen very quickly.
    The diamond sharpening steel uses a stainless steel ring to ensure safe..
  • Diamond Sharpening Stone T0831D
  • Diamond Sharpening Stone T0831D The diamond sharpening stone T0831D has excellent sharpening performance.
    With the double sided diamond design, the sharpening stone can have 360 ...
  • Sharpening Stone 3000/8000 T0914W
  • Sharpening Stone 3000/8000 T0914W Using the high-grade corundum, the sharpening stone 3000/8000 T0914W can ensure effective sharpening.
    It features a double-sided...
  • Pocket Diamond Knife Sharpener T0905D
  • Pocket Diamond Knife Sharpener T0905D With the multi-function design, the sharpener is especially suitable for outdoor use.
    Featuring the pen design, the pocket diamond knife sharpener is...

We at TAIDEA provide a wide assortment of knife sharpeners, including our fixed-angle sharpener, flat sharpener, and rod-shaped sharpener to name a few. We offer all of our products in a range of prices to fit every customer's need. With products from TAIDEA, you can find the perfect tool for your specific application. For example, if your sharpening knives or tools are made of solid steel that feature great rigidity, then our diamond sharpener, high-performance ceramic sharpener, and whetstone sharpener are your best option. Our diamond sharpener is also ideal for knives and tools made of alloyed materials. If you do not need a high degree of sharpness for your tools and knives, we recommend our carbide sharpener and diamond sharpener. However, if you require a high degree of sharpness for your tools and knives, our high-performance ceramic sharpener or our whetstone sharpener is your best choice. For use in sharpening your household cutlery, our fixed-angle sharpeners made of hard alloy are the right product for you. For your outdoor sharpening needs, our universal fixed-angle sharpener or whetstone sharpener will best serve you. As you can see, TAIDEA has the ideal product for you for whatever your sharpening needs may be.

It is our goal at TAIDEA to provide our clients with the best products possible and complete customer service. We guarantee all TAIDEA sharpeners for one to three years, depending on specific conditions and the frequency of use, and instructions in their operation is provided. We manufacture all of our products in strict accordance with applicable environmental protection requirements. In addition, our products are ROHS, LFGB, CE, and UL certified.

Our prime location in the 3rd Industrial Zone in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, gives us easy access to an abundance of raw materials. We are also very near to Hong Kong,Macao, and Fujian Province, which provide us easy access to the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport,Guangzhou Port, and Shenzhen Port. Therefore, we can deliver our competitively priced products to our customers quickly and conveniently. As a result, TAIDEA products are exported to many countries, including the United States,Germany, Britain, Australia,Japan, France, and Russia.

If you are in need of any type of sharpening product, our TAIDEA sharpeners are the answer. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to place an order. The staff at TAIDEA is looking forward to working with you soon.