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Multifunctional Knife Sharpener T1055TDC
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The multifunctional knife sharpener T1055TDC is used for outdoor knives, fruit knives, fishing knives and serrated knives, etc.

1. Using a tapered round diamond coated rod, the multifunctional knife sharpener can be used for sharpening knives with serrated and standard edges.
2. The sharpener has carbide blades to make your dull knife edges sharpen quickly. The ceramic rods give you a smooth edge.
3. With the rotating ceramic rod design, the sharpener can extend its service life.
4. The multifunctional knife sharpener has a lanyard hole for carrying.

Instructions for Use
V-shaped sharpening slots
1. Insert the knife blade into the V-shaped slots at a 90-degree angle to the sharpening blades or rods. Pull the knife blade straight back towards you and applying light pressure at the same time. Repeat this action until the blade is sharp.
Tapered diamond rod/ standard edges
2. Always hold the sharpener with the rod facing down. Place heel of the blade on the diamond rod closest to the sharpener. Hold blade at a 23 degree angle to the rod. Apply light pressure, and push the knife away from you towards the end of the rod. Draw the knife down so the tip of the blade comes off the end of the rod. Repeat this action until blade is sharp. For the other side of the blade, you will need to switch hands holding the sharpener and the knife and repeat the steps above.
Tapered diamond rod / serrated edges
1. Only sharpen the side of your knife edge with the serrations.
2. Hold the rod at a 23 degree angle to the blade and move it back and forth through each serration until the blade is sharp.

Always clean your sharpener with a damp cloth after use and dry it with a towel. Do not rinse with water.

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