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  • Kitchen Knife Sharpener T1007DC As a classic model sharpener and having stainless steel handle adornment, the fashionable home style of the sharpener ...
  • Diamond Sharpening Steel T0825D Using the electroplated diamond, the diamond sharpening steel T0825D can ensure the high efficiency and sound sharpening effect.
  • Diamond Sharpening Stone T0831D With the double sided diamond design, the sharpening stone can have 360 grit for coarse sharpening and 600 grit for fine honing.
  • Diamond Knife Sharpener T0906D Featuring multi-function design, the sharpener is especially suitable for outdoor use.
    With a pen-shaped design, the diamond ...
  • Diamond Sharpening Rod T0822D With the oval-shaped sharpening rod design, the sharpening rod can sharpen quickly.
    With the soft handle design, the diamond ..

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