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The pocket knife sharpener T0501TC is designed with coarse- and fine-stage sharpening, which is ideal for most kitchen and outdoor knives.

The pocket knife sharpener T0501TC uses a two-stage sharpening design to greatly increase the whetting speed and sharpening quality. The coarse grinding part uses high rigidity carbide, removing the cutter surface metal by cutting steel scraps, to modify a dull edge. The fine grinding part uses wearable ceramic materials, modifies the edge and increases the blade quality. Its main body uses super strong recyclable ABS material to extend the service life of pocket knife sharpener. Its bead chain design is for easy storage.

1. The pocket knife sharpener has crossed carbide blades to provide quick edge setting.
2. It has crossed ceramic rods to provide a razor sharp edge.
3. With the preset sharpening angle, the pocket knife sharpener can ensure a sound sharpening effect.
4. The sharpener uses a bead chain for lanyard hole.
5. With the non-skip rubber base and rhombus design, the pocket knife sharpener features safety and comfort.

TAIDEA is a professional manufacturer and supplier of ceramic sharpener based in China. Our company is located in Zhongshan City which provides us with convenient transportation, so we can deliver our products to you in time. We establish long term cooperative relationships with material suppliers, which helps reduce our material purchasing cost, so we can provide carbide sharpener, whetstone sharpener, complex sharpener, etc. at reasonable prices. If you have any need, please contact us directly. We look forward to working with you.

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