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The pocket knife sharpener T0611C is used for outdoor knives, fruit knives, fishing knives, etc.

1. The pocket knife sharpener can achieve high-efficient sharpening.
2. It has a compact structure and is light weight and easy to carry.

Instructions for Use
Place the sharpener on the platform, one hand should hold the sharpener and the other hand should hold the knife. To sharpen the knife, insert the knife blade into the sharpening slot and pull the blade at a suitable force three to five times. Clean the knife with water or wiper and dry it after use. Clean the knife sharpener with a non-abrasive brush.

1. This product is not suitable for sharpening scissors or serrated knives.
2. To avoid damaging the knife, sharpen the knife slightly and don't sharpen back and forth.
3. Put the knife sharpener and knife beyond the reach of children to avoid any accidents.

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