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1. The multifunction knife sharpener T0907T can achieve high-efficient sharpening.
2. With the hand held design, the sharpener is suitable for many kinds of knives.
3. The sharpener has a finger guard, ensuring safe sharpening.
4. With the ergonomic handle design, the multifunction knife sharpener features beautiful appearance and is very useful.

The multifunction knife sharpener is used for kitchen knives, garden shears and agricultural tools, etc.

Instructions for Use
1. Place the knife on a solid flat surface with the cutting edge facing up. One hand keeps the sharpener, the other holds knife. Make sure the other four fingers are put in the finger guard.
2. Put the knives' cutting edge near the handle of the knife in the "V" notch formed in the sharpener. With the head of the sharpener at about a 90 degree angle to the knives edge, press down lightly using thumb pressure and draw the sharpener past the point of the blade.
3 To sharpen shears, hold shears with very light downward pressure, draw shear sharpener past the point of the blade.
4. Approximately two or three passes in this manner on each blade should be sufficient to return your shears to "new" sharpness. More passes may be required on extremely dull blades.
5. Clean the knife with the water or wiper and dry it after use. Clean the knife sharpener with a banister brush.

1. This knife sharpener is not suitable for sharpening the serrated blades.
2. To avoid damaging the knife, sharpen the knife slightly and don't sharpen back and forth.
3. Put the knife sharpener and knife beyond the reach of children to avoid any accidents.

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