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The pocket diamond knife sharpener T0905D is widely used for outdoor knives, serrated knives, hooks and knives, etc.

1. Using the electroplated diamond, the pocket diamond knife sharpener can ensure high efficiency and sound sharpening effect.
2. With the multi-function design, the sharpener is especially suitable for outdoor use.
3. Featuring the pen design, the pocket diamond knife sharpener is lightweight and portable.

Instructions for use
1. Sharpen knife: Loosen the metal screw cap and pull the diamond rod out to the desired length and then securely retighten the metal screw cap, thus the rod will not move.
2. Sharpen fishing hook: Place hook in groove and move back and forth until it be sharp.
3. Sharpen serrated knife: Use the specially designed tapered round rod for serrated edges. Only sharpen the side of your knife-edge with the serrations. Hold rod at manufacturers' suggested angle and move it back and forth through each serration until it be sharp. Clean rod after each use with a dry cloth or dry soft toothbrush.

1. Avoid excessive force, so as to prevent the hand tool or hook encountered.
2. Keep the tip section in the cap after use.

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