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Complex Sharpener

  • Kitchen Knife Sharpener T1007DC As a classic model sharpener and having stainless steel handle adornment, the fashionable home style of the sharpener ...
  • Kitchen Knife Sharpener T0901TC The kitchen knife sharpener T0901TC features two step-coarse and fine-sharpening design.
    With non-skid feet, the sharpener can..
  • Pocket Knife Sharpener T0501TC The pocket knife sharpener has crossed carbide blades to provide quick edge setting.
    It has crossed ceramic rods to provide ..

Sharpening Accessories

  • Honing Oil T0926O Using the mineral extracted, colorless and odorless oil, the honing oil can meet the requirements of food safety ...
  • Adjustable Stone Holder T0916RWith its adjustable design, the adjustable stone holder can be used for a wide variety of stones.
    Using the silica gel material...