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We can provide samples, with less sample fee at your side. In addition, we also can help design and develop new products as required. The delivery cycle is 30 days since the beginning of order. What is more, the OEM service is also available.

Main Products
  • Kitchen Knife Sharpener T1005DC The kitchen knife sharpener T1005DC has a two-step sharpening coarse wheel and fine sharpening design.
    The sharpener also uses ...
  • Kitchen Knife Sharpener T1008D Integrating the classical mold and with a streamline design, the kitchen knife sharpener has a perfect appearance.
    With a replaceable ...
  • Kitchen Knife Sharpener T1007DC As a classic model sharpener and having stainless steel handle adornment, the fashionable home style of the sharpener is highlighted.
  • Diamond Sharpening Steel T0825D With the oval-shaped sharpening rod design, it can sharpen very quickly.
    The diamond sharpening steel uses a stainless steel ring to ensure safe..
  • Diamond Sharpening Stone T0831D The diamond sharpening stone T0831D has excellent sharpening performance.
    With the double sided diamond design, the sharpening stone can have 360 ...
  • Sharpening Stone 3000/8000 T0914W It features a double-sided sharpening design (3000 grit coarse grinding and 8000 grit fine grinding).
    Equipped with a silica gel non-slip base, the ..
  • Pocket Diamond Knife Sharpener T0905D With the multi-function design, the sharpener is especially suitable for outdoor use.
    Featuring the pen design, the pocket diamond knife sharpener is...